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WE ARE THE LEADING KURI COMPANY IN KERALA SINCE 2000. WE HAVE NO MONEY LENDING AND FINANCING. The company has started its business on 01-January-2000, inaugurated by Hon. Krishnan Kaniyamparambil, Minister for Agriculture, Govt. of Kerala. The company has acquired its own office building property in the heart of Trissur town, which will be functional very soon. New Millennium Kuries [p] Ltd is one of the leading company in the field of kuries in Thrissur, the CITADEL of Kuri/Chitty business.&nbs ...

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Saphalyam Gold 6 Started on May 16, 2012.

The global leaders in financial solutions is right here. Take time and invest wisely.Get started and lead a happy-go-lucky life from today!.

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What is meant by Kuri or Chitty? It is not multilevel money marketing. It is ....

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